Consulting & Other Services



If you've read my clips, you may think I'm a better writer than you! Or, you may be a better writer than me, but you chose a profession with benefits and security while I'm procrastinating edits on a v. important feature by watching 30 Rock with French subtitles. Regardless, I'm here for you!

I offer one-on-one consultations with aspiring freelancers and writers in which we can discuss pitching, reporting, researching, self-editing, time management, organization, invoices and Google Docs. 

Ghostwriting & Copywriting

Stuck phrasing your Tinder romance for all your relatives reading your wedding website? Need someone to write the tell-all memoir you've been advanced One Million Dollars to write but can't even get an outline on a page? Want to spice up your professional website? I can be your ghost! 

Email me at melissabethkravitz @ gmail [dot] com to inquire about services, rates and what presents you can give me when I do an amazing job.