The Ramen Diaries: Stir Fry

Ever since returning from Paris, where I ate several portions of lavish food daily, I've been doing that poor college student thing, you know, where you don't eat a three course meal three times a day... Real life is kind of a bummer.  Gone are the days of chèvre and saumon fume and sauvignon blanc. I've returned to an endless bowl of ramen noodles.  A college student's go-to ingredient for a cheap, delicious, and less than nutritional meal.  That and a can of Keystone and you can fit in on any campus in the country.  (This is the part where I don't complain about spending an entire paycheck on a new iPhone but rather accept my fate as a smartphone addicted twenty-something who has doomed herself to a rather limited food budget for questionable financial decisions...)

I've loved packaged ramen pretty much forever, but after a few two many bowls of dehydrated noodles in powder, I needed to find a way to spice up my meals.

At first I tried to literally just add spice, in the form of frozen Thai chili peppers that were left in my freezer by someone at some point.  Point being, I did not purchase them.  And whomever did probably intended to kill me.  Chopping the peppers and adding them to the noodles was a huge mistake: the seeds were unbearably spicy.  I had two friends distract me while I consumed what I deemed "The Death Plate," too stubborn and too broke to throw out a dinner.

The next night's ramen fiesta was a success, and thus, the inspiration for this post:  I stir-fried chopped garlic, whole Thai peppers, and a frozen bag of "Asian" vegetables in coconut oil, cooked the noodles in the provided broth, mixed everything together, and topped the plate with a fried egg. Bon appetite!