The Key Quandary

For eighteen years of my life, I somehow got by without ever having to carry a house key. I’d go out and come back expecting my parents to open the door upon my arrival or just punch in the electronic code when I was home alone. It never occurred to me that a small piece of metal might actually be necessary to open a door.

Then I became independent. I learned I had to take care of my possessions, lock my door open leaving, or risk suffering the consequences of Ivy League Thieves (yes, they exist, we had an orientation session about it…)

I suddenly realized the hassle of carrying a key. Where do you put it when you wear leggings? How do you keep it safe at the gym? What about when you run out for groceries? To synagogue? To a party?

It took a few weeks, a lot of creativity, but I think I’ve come up with a few good strategies:

The Hair-tie Around the Wrist:

Classy. Elegant. Almost as heavy as a Tiffany’s charm bracelet. Looping a thin black ponytail holder around the brass ring makes the perfect look for fall. Always at your hand, save a few seconds searching through your backpack/purse every time you come home. Think Edward Scissorhands. If the dangling key starts becoming aggravating, just wrap it a few times around the elastic for a new bracelet fashion!

The Up-do:

A little glitz never hurt a ponytail, did it? Better than your typical prom styling, the key in ponytail proves a secure, trendy method for keeping your key safe! (Also works around bra straps, shoelaces, etc.)

The Necklace:

For those of us who can’t quite fit our hair into a ponytail, the necklace proves as another chic option for the college lady. Whether going out or just staying in for a movie night, threading the key through any chain (perhaps even the chain from your orientation nametag). The pendant matches any outfit and always keeps your key close by.

The Shoe:

Advanced. Only for close-toed shoe wearers AND sock wearers. If you don’t mind a key sitting on the bottom of your footwear, the key-in-shoe always proves as the safest option. This strategy also works when you need ID or cash.

Keep holding onto those keys!