Happy Happy Fathers Day!

In honor of Fathers Day (I’m a little belated putting this up, I know)  I thought I’d list some of the reasons I’m like my dad… He called me the other day to tell me how much he loved my blog and wishes he could write one like it (note: compliments via phone/text/gchat/fchat/ichat are always excepted…) and while he might not be blogging any time soon, here’s one for him:
Happy Happy!

We both love taking out-of-the-way routes to see our old homes.  Since we moved out of my first house in 1998, my dad has found any and every reason to drive past it on the way to our current house.  While this always annoyed me, I now find myself taking rather indirect routes to walk/bike past my old buildings in New York.  Do I lose a few minutes everyday?  Perhaps.  But the warm memories attached to my old homes are completely worth it.  I guess I can see why we took so many detours during Hebrew school carpool…
We keep everything. Our house could possibly be on Hoarders.  My dad has kept his childhood stuffed dog for over fifty years (despite my mom's repeated attempts to throw it away), while I still sleep with mine, I’m sure he won’t be far for the rest of my life.  He also keeps old papers, college books, newspapers, VHS tapes, etc etc.  The area below my bed is a scary zone.  Not only do I have birthday cards, class notes, and photos from years long before I ever lived in New York, I also have a grand collection of passed notes, scraps of yarn, receipts, and so much more.  It’ll all be worth a lot one day when I become the world’s most famous blogger!
We both eat a little too much.  My mom refers to my dad as “the human garbage disposal” because he never hesitates to help finish dinner leftovers or empty out the fridge when it needs cleaning.  I too, won’t refuse extra food, as long as it’s vegetarian, kosher, onion-free, and the proper temperature, of course.
We’re both Cory’s best friend.  If you ask the dog, you may get a slightly different answer, but both of us share a special friendship with that adorable fifteen-pound poodle.  Also, we both just love dogs, perhaps a little more than people, never hesitating to talk to one on the street.
We both like to create our own recipes.  I may not always agree with his menu choices, and he may not always find my concoctions delicious, but we both have faith in our own cooking skills.  I enjoy his “Eggs Dada” (eggs with more cheese than anything else) and he likes my vegetarian meat lasagna, so we balance each other pretty well.
We may both be considered workaholics.  Perhaps this doesn’t sound so positive, but when I call my dad we can easily sympathize over how we always have to do everything in the office and we’re working 24/7.  Let’s not forget he’s 30+ years older than I…
We both love photography.  My dad is infamous for his “happy happy” which he exclaims before shooting one of hundreds of photos, wherever we are (vacation, family party, cleaning the basement).  I proudly won the “Click and Don’t Tell” award at the last Culties convention, for my superb documentation of the group’s adventures.
And finally,
We both think I would look great with a nose ring.  (It’s worth a try….)