What to Do When You Have a Sprained Ankle

A short survival guide for those of us who are dumb enough to wear heels in Manhattan.   Cry in bed.

Cry on your couch/futon.

Cry on the floor.

Yell about how much pain you're in to no one in particular, it’s good practice for being an old person...

Instagram your injury with a variety of filters.

Contact everyone who likes your instagram post begging them for sympathy.

Realize this is what your parent’s “emergency” credit card is for.

Stock up on cupcakes and macarons.

Make various playlists for your upcoming moods. (bored, annoyed, sad, desperate, repeat).

Make a pot of chili and deliver it to the homeless man downstairs (if you can walk down stairs).

Email pictures of you having fun to your grandma, who will appreciate them once you send someone to help her open the files.

Efficiently slim down your Netflix queue by watching on your laptop and TV simultaneously.

Practice your pimp walk.  Limps are sexy.

Use an umbrella as a cane.

Regret living in a walkup.

Regret skipping ballet all week.  You may never dance again.

Read Cosmo in the bathtub.

Text your therapist from the bath.  This seems like something celebrities would do.

Cry more.

Stalk yourself on Facebook and remove anything potentially embarrassing from your past.

Stalk everyone else you’ve ever met on Facebook and forward their embarrassing posts to a select group of friends.

Enhance your manicure with some elaborate nail art.

Re-organize your shoe collection in order of slightly dangerous to very dangerous.

Consider getting rid of dangerous shoes to avoid future injuries.