Sex and the City 3: The Dream Film

Last week, Sex and the City producer Michael Patrick King hinted that there still might be one more story left for our four favorite ladies.  While the first and second films may not have been as spectacular as the HBO series, our hopes are high for the third possible edition of the trifecta. While I'm still waiting to be invited into the writers' room, here are some things I believe should happen in the third and final movie edition (though I'm not opposed to a SATC 4 circa 2030. Nursing home scandals?  Oh Yes.)

1.  Miranda should move to Astoria.  She was the first of the ladies to move to the big, scary land of Brooklyn.  Why not raise real estate prices in Queens too? Also, the other ladies will move (or have already moved) to Brooklyn, obviously.


2.  Carrie should try and sell her clothes at Beacon's Closet.  Yeah, she's one of those middle-aged women trying to unload a rolling suitcase full of designer duds for some extra cash.  Obviously, they won't take any of her YSL or Chanel because it's "out of season" or "used" or "not for us" and Carrie will realize the immense amount of in non-exchangeable capital she's invested in her closet.

bradshawomg (1)

3.  Samantha will find various hook-ups via Tinder.


4.  Charlotte will be NYC's top mommy blogger. Harry will get a job abroad but they'll find a way to make their relationship and family work for a year overseas, because they are both independent and modern.


5. There will be a scene with the ladies on the subway.  Because real people do this.


I may not have any stake in the actual Sex and the City 3 script, but let's hope the movie is better than the last two (read: no camel rides).