Party in the USA!

I’ve been accused of being un-American for spending 4th of July in France. This was my first July 4th spent outside of the USA. While I may or may not have forgotten it was Independence Day until late afternoon when I heard multiple recordings of the Team America song streaming across Reid Hall’s courtyard, I celebrated my country to its fullest.

The first thing I did was watch Mary Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris, to remember why Americans appreciate traveling to exotic places, like Paris. I learned that I absolutely will not have fun in Paris until I meet a sixteen year old boy with a fake French accent, floppy hair and a motorcycle. This has not happened and clearly I am very miserable here.

After indulging in that fine cinematic experience, we put on our white and blue, grabbed some red wine, and headed to WOS for their July 4th celebration.

The previous night, WOS celebrated its Fifth Birthday, so of course we attended the party to celebrate this momentous event. Dressing “Smart” (even the American bar uses British English), we shared wine on the Pantheon until dark, and then headed into WOS for the festivities. The festivities were just like any night at a dive bar, except the bartenders wore tuxedos and shot alcoholic chocolate whipped cream into your mouth at a moment’s notice… None of these things are bad. Especially when leftovers are promised for you at the next night’s 4th of July celebration…

“Party in the USA” and “Empire State of Mind” repeated countless times on the playlist as Americans toasted shots of tequila (very American!) to the USA! Overall, it was a pretty solid celebration, despite the lack of fireworks.