Oh, Yes!

Reasons I could never be a spy:
1. I talk too much
2. I ask too many questions
3. I talk too much

I was recently told that I never take “no” for an answer. That’s probably true. Tell me you ran out of vegetable sushi and I’ll ask you to look for more. Tell me that no, I am not allowed to break curfew, and I will tell you that curfew does not really exist. Tell me no, I cannot, and yes, I can. I wouldn’t call myself pushy. However, I don’t think that accepting a “no” is ever okay.

What if Barack Obama accepted a no, when he was told he could never be elected president? What if Harvey Milk stopped running for political office after continuous losses? What if Elizabeth Cady Stanton never spoke up for women’s rights? What if Van Gogh stopped painting when no one bought his work? What if Enya stopped recording just because she’s Enya? So why should I lower myself to any standards lower than these people who never accept a no? Enough questions, back to talking:

Truth: I try not to complain. However, I’m not going to let someone else decide what is right for me, who I should be, what I should do. I try not to be rude, pushy, intolerant. But there are some instances where I can’t hold back, I need to say what I want to say and I’m not about to sneak around in a spandex unitard to avoid saying it. (Yes, all spies wear a special spandex uniform, which is how you know that they are, in fact, spies).

I’ll talk about anything anytime. I was asked today why I blog and the answer just popped out: Because I talk too much. I love words. I love telling people what is going on; I love hearing other people talk; I love responding to what they have to say.

So when you tell me again and again that I cannot do something for some illogical reason, do not expect me to just to accept it. Expect me to fight back, question you, reject your no. And don’t tell me I’m complaining, I’m just stating the facts.