Little Girl. Big Mouth.

I’m baaaaaack! Yes, it’s been awhile and yes, I apologize for my inconsistency, but I truly appreciate everyone who has asked for more entries and pondered where I was. (Thanks!)

Anyways, in the past weeks, I’ve come to realize that I don’t always think before I speak. I hold no regrets over what I’ve said in the past, and I will try to better comprehend what I am about to say before I articulate it in the future.

But here it goes: I like to talk. (Gasp!) I like to share my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my beliefs, my humor…

I’m honest. I try not to offend others, but I guess I don’t always process what I am about to say before it slips away from me. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt anybody else. Anybody. And I also think there’s a lot of merit to honesty, not censoring what I say, providing the world with my true impressions.

When I was on Speech Team, I participated in an event called Impromptu Speaking. Basically, you are given a topic on a note card such as “Abraham Lincoln” or “Carpe diem” and create an eight minute speech based on the subject. While other students would spend half their time plotting outlines and citing previous research, I would march my Calvin Klein shiny black stilettos directly in front of the judge and say whatever came to mind. Whatever was relevant, whatever resonated in my conscience at that very moment. And I usually ended up doing pretty well in the competition…

My point is (and yes, I do have one) is that stating the truth may be the very best way to live your life. While we can hide in fallacies and fantasies for who knows how long, without ever giving voice to our true selves, how can we ever expect to progress in life?

Last night I went to see the opening night of Star Trek. Upon being asked if I was a “Trekkie” by one of the seemingly endless amount of middle aged men, I respond: no, I’m just a second semester senior looking for something to do. Honest. To the point. Crazy.

“That’s not equivalent,” Ann reminds me. Oh, well…

And in addition to talking, I also like listening. I want to hear your stories, your impressions, your values and hopes. I’m not intimidated by knowing or sharing the truth, nor am I reluctant to provide my own insights.

I’m not sure if I have just justified anything or merely rambled for 500 words, but I hope to convey that I am not shy, afraid, or silent. I don’t intend having to censor myself while I do understand that I can sometimes be more thoughtful and will put that into effect.

And with that, live free and prosper, my Trekkies/Second Semester Seniors.

(I promise a more fun post next time!)