Diary of an International Party Girl

When travelling, it’s important to find out where Miley Cyrus has partied in the same city.  Of course, we accomplished this important task and thus ventured to Le Showcase, a club located off the Champs-Elysee below a bridge on the Seine.  Otherwise know as, The Troll Club.  The club was huge, dark, loud. Drinks were astronomically expensive.  Everything you’d expect from a trendy Parisian dance club.  Disenchanted, I left early with a friend and spent the nights wandering the windy streets of Paris, the best way to spend a night.

Saturday morning, I woke up early to venture to the outskirts of Paris to a flea market.  We took a trolley north and ended up at a place very much resembling the Hell’s Kitchen Flea.  Strange and determined vendors lined tables with crap and tried to sell it.  Among the junk, I found and purchased: a Hermes plate with a dachshunds and rabbits on it, a crop top printed with Rodin’s face, a sweater. We stopped for omelets and Kir for lunch and then headed home to rest before the evening.

We’d planned to go to Wanderlust! A big party held on the Seine every summer Saturday, popular with college students.  On the way, we stopped at Curio Parlor, an extension of the Experimental Cocktail club, decorated with taxidermy animals in bowties and candles.  Tres chic.  We each ordered a different handcrafted cocktail, passing them around to pass the fresh fruit and liquor combinations, swearing ours was the best.  Mine was the best. Cachaça, soda, cucumber and basil is an infallible combination.

We ventured down the Seine to Wanderlust, where music pulsed across the patio and into a glass room with another DJ.  We danced for a bit inside and then, as so frequently occurs in Paris, it started to pour.  Crowds rushed in and it was far too crowded to be enjoyable, so we left.  In short, go to Wanderlust when it’s nice out.

After two nights of leaving early, my last weekend concluded my visits to the Paris party scene on a less than exciting note...