Melissa Kravitz is a writer, editor, reader and all-around really great person living in New York City.

Melissa has a BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction from Columbia University, and a BA in Modern Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Because who said two liberal arts degrees are less useless than one?

After serving as a managing director at Inside New York from 2011-2013, Melissa moved on to the exciting and lucrative world of freelance writing.

Melissa served as a regular contributor to amNewYork, alterNetBrokelynBustleThrillist and worked as the New York Restaurants editor at The Daily Meal.  She also blogged for Brooklyn ExposedFood Riot,  JoonbugTracy's New York Lifealong with many other blogs and the occasional literary journal. Her travel writing can be seen in Bravo Your City's international guidebooks and in digital Gogobot (now projects.

From March 2015 to May 2016, Melissa served as the Assistant Features Editor at, telling New Yorkers how to live, love and eat in NYC. 

Now,  Melissa works as a freelance writer covering everything from eating and drinking to traveling to shopping and all the other hard stuff in life. You can see her work on the Internet! And in magazines! And newspapers! 

Melissa's personal blog has been nominated as Best Blog of the Year since 2007 (by her dad). It wins every year.

If you're interested in Melissa's fiction, check out her ebook here. She is also working on a novel. Inquire within.

You can probably find Melissa in an outer borough, looking beautiful, sipping iced coffee, and working on her book about teenage girls who hate each other.

Follow her on twitter. Or not.

And if you need to get in contact, you can email her at melissabethkravitz (at) gmail (dot) com.